“P” is for “Postcards”

When was the last time you sent a postcard? Maybe on a travel, during Christmas or as a birthday card? My expereince with postcards in my fifteen-year-long life, is that the number of postcards I’ve received hasn’t exactly increased. And well, it’s not just me.

I bet you neither receive nor send a huge amount of postcards every year. We’ve got e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatnot for that today. And I’m not going to forget e-cards! I see both good and bad sides with that we’re not that into physical postcards and letters anymore. Some good sides are that we don’t overload the postal service with stuff we can send digital, that we save paper and that we receive the cards/letters faster when we send them digital. Some bad sides are that it takes less effort to send an e-card or e-mail than to make and decorate a physical card, that we almost forget the feeling of a letter in the mailbox and the fact that we like to have everything digital. No hate on e-cards, but I think we need both physical and digital post.

Personally, I’m into sending and giving postcards. My favorite hand craft hobby is making cards, and I send and give cards for birthdays, Christmas and sometimes just to express friendship or appreciation. I use a bit of time to make each card, and thus a gift of e.g money becomes more personal, and you’ve put more effort into it. Sometimes I make a bunch of cards when I’ve got some extra free time, to stack up and use for later, or I make a single card for e.g a certian birthday right before I’m going to the party.

Just think about it. The excited feeling you get when there’s something in your mailbox, when there’s an envelope with stamps and stickers indicating that it has travelled far, and at last but not least; putting it onto a shelf and smiling whenever you throw a look at it.

Show that you care about your friend; make a personal card, write something nice, wrap it into an envelope and take a walk (OH, it’s healthy, too?) to the postal office to send it!


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One Response to “P” is for “Postcards”

  1. Just to let you know my husband and his parents are very into postcard sending and receiving. I always smiled when we were dating and I got one from him. Now I gotten into the habit as well and recommend it to everyone.

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