Post-Travel Green Thoughts

I have now returned from my ten-day travel to Eastern Norway. It ended with a relaxing trip with the Regional Train, in which I had seven hours to do such as organizing my Dropbox folders (2000 photos and videos, whoop-whoop!) and listen to music. So I’ve already started the green part of what I did during my travel; took the train. Great, so let’s start with that, and then we’ll come to other things later on;

I’m obsessed with trains and their major green impact. This travel, I have taken the train several times. I started the whole travel with a night on the night-time train to Oslo on Thursday, which took me nine hours and about six of them half asleep or fully asleep. It wasn’t the best time I’ve taken the night-time train, but it worked. Last time I took it, my carriage was less full and I therefore had two seats to sleep in; and beleive me, THAT makes the difference. It was OK this time, but not optimal due to a full carriage. Never the less, I arrived in Oslo at half past seven the next morning.

While I was in Oslo, I used all kinds of public transport available there. Literally; tram, subway, bus and ferry. That’s a thing that I love about Oslo; the public transport system is well working due to many departures because of the fact that most of the people use public transport. So there’s nothing less to say than “Go green in Oslo!”, which I captured this photo on Facebook, that I took on a bus to Bygdøy (peninsula in Oslo) during my stay:

2014-06-23 16.39.18

When I left Oslo on Wednesday, I took a local train to Drammen, which is a large town thirty minutes by train from Oslo. From Drammen, it was an hour by bus to the place where the Red Cross Youth summer camp were situated. I had a very nice trip. Then, as the camp ended on Sunday afternoon, I bussed back to Drammen, and had a couple hours there before the Regional Train left for Western Norway. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the trip back home took me seven hours, and it meant that I had time to do stuff I don’t usually have the time for. I sat in the comfort carriage, with better seats and more space than in the other carriages, and it also has unlimited tea, coffee, newspapers and sockets included in the extra cost. So yeah; Go Green, Take the Train!

I did as always; didn’t buy stuff that was unnecessary. This wasn’t a shopping trip, not at all. I did use some money, but the buyings were like this; 40% food, 30% transport, 10% exercise and 20% bathroom articles. I’m pleased with my spending of money, since I used less than I thought I’d use. That’s mostly because I only ate dinner out two times, got most of the other food for free or by earlier buyings and that my train tickets were already bought. So I did use money in a green way.

Other green things that I did:

  • Ate vegetarian and pescetarian food at all times (as always, of course)
  • Chose a lot of Fairtrade-marked foods
  • Lived in a tent during the summer camp
  • Didn’t throw away any food

Here are some more photos from my travel:

2014-06-20 07.14.46Arriving Oslo.


2014-06-22 15.48.18From the Green Youth weekend meeting

2014-06-23 16.03.05Vegetarian food in Oslo.

2014-06-23 18.04.51Walk in a natural preserve at Bygdøy.

2014-06-25 15.54.06Buskerud; the place where the summer camp were.

2014-06-25 16.46.27My tent camp.

2014-06-28 01.11.36Concert with Finnish band Satin Circus!

Have an amazing and green summer everyone!


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