“O” is for “Organizing”

I thought I’d write something about organizing things. You can organize things, people, music and so on, but I’ll talk about things in this post. Because, well, I’ve always liked to organize things. Different types of things through the years of course, but the cause of the actions has always been to organize them in specific orders.

organizing colorful files

When I was little, a big part of my playing was organizing toys and such. My favorite toys were small figures of animals, and as well as other types of playing, e.g out in the nature, I organized them into rows, groups and arranged them into scenes. I recall many memories of me playing with these figures, putting them into a scene, and thinking “Hmm… What to do now? The fun part’s over.” Yeah, I guess you can say I’ve always liked organizing.

As for now, I’m still all about organizing. My room is tidy as good as always, and the organizing of my things is something that I like to do, and thus I keep my room tidy without stressing about it or finding it boring to clean up a mess. Also, I organize my closet so that I can easily find my clothing and accessories whenever I need them. My best tips on how to keep the closet tidy:

  • Organize in types. E.g in a drawer of pants, put jeans in one pile, skirts in another, sweatpants in a third and shorts in a fourth,
  • Fold the clothing. Whenever you can afford the time to fold a t-shirt before putting it in it’s pile, fold it. I do that at most times, except for when I’m totally busy the whole day and only drop home for some minutes before leaving again. So I don’t have clothing floating across my room except on very busy days when I just throw off and on some clothes. After a while, my closet gets a bit of untidy anyway, so I fold and organize my whole closet from time to time.
  • Get rid of unwanted clothing. Too-well-used, totally out of fashion, not your style anymore and so on; some pieces of clothing are better out. Don’t throw them away, though. Give them to a charity organization or something like that, so that they can be either sold used, given to poor countries or processed the right way.

Another thing that is important to organize is a desk. Unorganized papers are the worst; you can’t find what you’re looking for and you get all stressed out because you don’t know where a document is. Both on paper and on your computer. So do organize papers, computer, pens, books and so on. Keep it all tidy; it’s much less stress than if you don’t.


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