Oslo Travel

I’ve been in and around Oslo, Norway’s capital, for over three days now, and I want to share some of my travel experiences with you.

I started my travel at Thursday evening with the night-time train to Oslo, and arrived at 7:30 AM the following day. I stuffed my luggage into the Norwegian Green Party’s office, as we Young Greens do when in Oslo, and set off to a sports center called “Myrens Sportssenter”, where I bought a drop-in ticket to go climb and do strenght at the center’s climbing hall called “Klatreverket”. I didn’t find the bouldering walls that awesome, but they worked OK. The strenght room on the other hand, was absolutely amazing with all kinds of equipment.

Then, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, I was at a national meeting with the Norwegian Green Youth. It was held somewhere like 30 minutes by bus from Oslo, and it was at a school in the middle of Maridalen, basically a valley with lots of forests. If you’ve been in eastern Norway; you’ll perfectly get this.

Anyway, this meeting went well with the formal parts. As for exercise opportunities, areas and time made some restrictions. These forests are home to moose, amongst other animals, and I’m freaking scared of moose, cows and horses. I’m not afraid of saying that out loud, though. But anyway, my Saturday morning jog went well, and I was ready for a day of meeting. I did a walk at the evening as well.

On Sunday, I went for a power walk in the morning, which didn’t go quite as well. I did walk an hour or so, but I am positive that I saw a moose, and “be aware of moose” sign. So yeah, I was kinda freaked out. I wasn’t attacked or anything, but it still freaked me out.

Now, it’s Monday, and I’ve been at the climbing hall once again, mostly for the strenght room, and it went very well. The sports center also had awesome wardrobes with decent showers, lockers, hair driers, toilets and so on. After my workout, it was already 3:30 PM, and an hour later I settled down at a vegetarian cafe in the center of Oslo. I bought a big mug black coffee, and “today’s dish”, which was lentil burgers, potatoes, vegetables and salad. It tasted heavenly, wasn’t too expensive and the service was very good!

Right now, I’m sitting in a park on Bygdøy, an peninsula right outside Oslo. Blogging in a natural preserve is just awesome!

Have a nice day everyone!

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