“M” is for “Master Degree”

I’m definetly super exited to go to university in about five years. That means, I finish the Norwegian Upper Secondary School exactly four years from now, and then I’m planning on a year off school to start with a normal job to earn some money and get a clue about what evening job I’ll do during my studies. As for the free year, I’ve been recommended to only take one year, thus there’ll be more chance I get quickly into Uni afterwards. Though I really look forward to earn some money and get into the working life, so that I use less loan whilst studying. And I guess I’ll do some travelling during that year as well; mostly working togeher with charity organizations to help other people. But enough ’bout that!

When at Uni, you can take a Bachelor Degree(3 years), Master Degree(5 years) and Doctorate6+ years).I think that once you decide to study a certain subject, it’ll be worth it to take a Master and not a Bachelor, due to the fact that you’re better off to get a certain job when you have the Master but the other candidate has a Bachelor. And also due to the very basic fact that you generally know more about the subject with a Master/Doctorate than with a Bachelor. Also, I’m very into studying subjects that I have an interest in, so I don’t mind adding two years to the Bachelor.

My interest for studying came early. When I was about 8 years old, I got my first children’s encyclopedia. I am not kidding now; The book’s hardcover fell off after reading it a dozen times. I still have that book in my family’s attic. I also got tons of other fact books in my childhood. I was extremely interested in animals, transport/logistics and geography. And yeah, I still am. Though through the past years, new subjects has came into view, and I’ve got a ton more now than those of my childhood. And if I vere to pick three-on-the-top subjects now, they have to be; chemistry, environmental technology and geography. Science, to put it that way. The logic stuff, as I like to describe it.

You might already have figured which way I’m hoping to go at Uni. Yeah; science. And more specific, I have not decided 100%, but most is pointing at chemistry or pharmacy. I’d love to take the Master in Chemistry or the Master in Pharmacy. And I’m loving the jobs you can get into; hospital laboratorium, pharmacy store, scientific writer, researcher and so on.

Do you have a university degree, or are you planning to do one? Comment about it in the comments below! 🙂

master degree

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