“L” is for “Life Goals”

I like the term goal better than dream. When I am asked what my dreams in life are, I’ll be quick to tell them that that’s what I call goals in life, because I like to set high goals, but there’s no point in setting up dreams you’ll never achieve. An example on the differences between these two terms; you can have a goal that you will get the perfect job that is likely to come true one day, but a dream of flying will not come true. If I were to say what my dreams are, it would be something like flying and breathing underwater. But that will never happen (at least not without an airplane and diving equipment, and that doesn’t count!).

Instead, I set life goals. Things to do before I die. What to achieve. I call my goals different things. Though before I make an “offical life goal”, thus one I’ll share with other people, I think about certian things:

  • Can I achieve this goal? Am I capable of that?
  • Is there a point in achieving this goal? Is there a need for me to do this?
  • How much does this matter for me? Does it fit with my values?
  • At what point in my life is it likely that I’ll achieve this goal?
  • What do I have to do to achieve this goal?

We don’t always achieve all our goals or dreams. Though it’s important to think about that the harder you work for it to happen, the more likely it gets that it may actually happen.

make it happen


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