“K” is for “Kiwi” (More than the fruit)

When I figured out I’d write about the topic “kiwi”, some certian words floated into my mind; Bird, fruit and green. So this post will be about those things. As I may have mentioned before, I really enjoy writing around just a simple word, and let my creativity flow all about. Today, I knew the letter I would need to find a word to was K, so it was kind of hard to find a word. And that’s because in English, most words I could think of that start with the K-sound, are written with a C, in difference to Norwegian, where K is very much used for similar words. I ended up with “kiwi”; and that’s cool with me!

We start with the bird. These birds live in New Zealand, and they cannot fly. Their size can be compared to a domestic chicken. There are five types of kiwi birds, two are considered as vulnerable, one is considered endagered and one is considered critically endagered. A fun fact about them is that they lay the largest eggs compared to their body size, of all birds in the world.

Also, the kiwi bird is a national symbol of New Zealand, and the association between kiwi and New Zealand is so strong many places in the world, so that kiwi becomes another word for New Zealander. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwi)

Under, we see a kiwi bird:

kiwi bird

And then there’s a parody picture someone has made of the bird (I found this funny!):

kiwi bird with fruit funny

Moving on the fruit. I can’t start this paragraph with anything else than to say that I LOVE the kiwi fruit. I love the taste, color and “freshness” that it gives. The only thing that annoy me about it is that it’s not the most practical fruit to eat “on the go”. Then, I rather eat a banana or an apple. But don’t get me wrong; I’m totally fine about that! I love all kinds of fruit anyway, so no problem. When eating kiwi, I prefare using one of the “kiwi spoons”, which is really just a small plastic spoon with spoon at one end, and a simple fork and knife at the other end. It looks like this, and can of course be used for other foods than kiwi as well:

kiwi w spoon


In addition to eating the fruit as it is, I recommend cutting it up and putting it into a bowl of natural yoghurt, adding it to smoothies and in healhy cakes. Enjoy!

kiwi fruit

Kiwis are green. I like things green, both the color and the term. Being environmental is a very central part of my life, thus the term “green”. I also love the color, and have many green things myself. I feel lucky that I wear many nuances of green well. One of the green things I have and use a lot, is green Converse:

green converse

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Have a nice day!




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