My Week; Sport Store

This week I’m working at a local Intersport store (you know that chain? They’re not just in Norway.), instead of regular school. So to get this post you’ll need a bit of background information about the week;

I don’t know how this is in other countries, but in Norway it’s normal that the lower secondary schools (8th-10th grade) have something called “arbeidsuke”, which in English will be something like “working week”. The purpose is to give students practical experience with different jobs, and help them in chooing their way after lower secondary school, thus to choose an occupation after school, and for many after university. At my school, we have one in the spring of 9th grade (that’s me) and one in the autumn of 10th grade. Students do not earn money in that week, but many places students who does a good job gets a free product or similar. Students choose what to work with, and just go and ask for a job for the week at places they would like. 

So, moving on to my week so far;

I’m completely into workouts, and everything called workout wear or fitness eqipment is of interest for me. So you probably already get it; I am able to spend a lot of money in sport stores, like the one I’m currently employed by. Though I don’t go shopping for nothing, both for the environment and the spend of money. I do have most of the workout stuff I need, but I like getting myself something new once in a while, and I do that with workout stuff because I know it’ll be much used. Though as I said; once in a while, not every week.

This week I’ve done various tasks so far (two days done, three days left);

  • Put alarms on Nike hats and 2XU tights, shorts and capris
  • Sorted a huge selection of 2XU products
  • Unwrapped what seemed like a ton of socks, and sorted them into baskets
  • Made price tags with photos of products
  • Put out fishing rods, bicycle locks and gloves, backpacks and so on

Wandering around the store, I’ve kind of picked out products I’d like to buy some time, and first on my list is the FIFA World Cup Germany t-shirt! It’s limited edition so I better get it fast. I’ve been searching for this type of a Germany t-shirt for a long time, since I don’t want to wear an “I love Germany”-shirt or something like that. Then there’s like a ton of Nike wear, and I’ve instantly crushed on some shorts and a running tights. So yeah, I basically love the products the store sells. 




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