“J” is for Jumping Jacks

When I first saw jumping jacks in various workouts I found, I was all like “100??? How am I going to manage that for several sets?” Why did I think that? Well, I thought jumping jacks was what I later found out was jumping squats. Thus, I thought it would be awful. It wasn’t, jumping jacks ARE much lighter than jumping squats.

So I googled it to find out, as I always do when I don’t know how an exercise is done. Now, I actually enjoy doing jumping jacks, because it looks funny and they get the pulse up. Also, I like doing them to certain ‘drop the bass’-songs, and jump right into a new set whenever ‘the bass drops’. It’s like when you are going to take a bath in an ice cold lake and someone counts to three for you.

I don’t hate jumping squats, but if I am to do 100 repetitions, I would do it at the end of a workout. And not for several sets. No-oh. Thighs feel it pretty good after that. And what’s even more effective; wall sits and jumping squats together. E.G 1 min wall sit and 25 jumping squats, 5 times. Thighs=burned.

Now that I think of it, I should really do more of that this June; I’m running a stairs-climbing-race this June, and will put in two workouts a week with training in stairs and strenght exercises for the legs.



Jumping squats.

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