“I” is for Irrestistible

That’s an adjective. Right. But it’s an adjective that all of us can relate to. The word has different ways of definition, thus there are many different irresistible things, actions and people. So the point about this post is not just to show off the definition of a word, but to make you reflect over what you find irresistible.

1. not resistible; incapable of being resisted or withstood: an irresistible impulse. So basically this is things like breathing, sweating when you’re nervous or warm and blinking. You cannot resist doing them, mostly because they’re necessary. If you have a habit off E.G how you stand during a presentation, this can’t be defined as an irresistible impulse since it is possible to resist standing that way if you focus on it.

2. lovable, especially calling forth feelings of protective lovean irresistible puppy. The puppy isn’t a bad example, so let’s start with that; you see an irresistible puppy in the park and just rush forward to pat and stoke it. You get that feeling that you really just want to hug it and take it home with you. Your face might draw into an expression with a huge grin and “sparkling” eyes. Its easy to do this when it’s a puppy we’re talking about. It’s not like the puppy is going to friendzone you or anything. It just enjoy being hugged and patted.

Its harder when we’re talking about people. Here, we can look through many scenes;

  • You’re taking a stoll through town, and as you pass the railway station, you see an irresistible stranger. Like, a person you’ve never seen before who’s extremely good looking or ideal in your eyes. When you stroll past this person, you throw the person a cute smile and maybe wink. You quickly turn away and walk on because the person would probably catch the train in two minutes and weren’t someone you could start a conversation with. You hope the person noticed you, but it’s not like you’re interested in giving the person a call later; you don’t know more than what’s visible on the outside. Even though, if you’d been that stranger, you would appreciate someone noticing you while rushing past.
  • You plop down on a seat in the school’s (or Uni’s for that sake) library. Five minutes later, in the middle of a sentence about a famous author in your English book, the ultra-hot person from your English class comes toward you. You’ve had this huge crush on the person for two years, though you’ve never wanted a relationship. Still, you find the person irresistible, and grin at the person ever time you get eye contact; just naturally. You can’t resist it without concentrating very hard. If the person sits down next to you, you start a casual, short conversation about a movie you saw in class. But it’s not like you have enough to talk about; you barely know the person and know that the person is not really your type when it comes to personality.
  • You go for a small shopping trip to the city, and suddenly, when walking out from a clothing store, you see your crush (I mean real crush; more than in the last example from the library). The most casual thing to say would be something like “Hey, what are you doing here?” or “Hi, how are you doing?”. You focus really hard not to say straight out what you almost can’t resist saying “Are you free? Want to go to the cafe upstairs?” We tend to be so nervous in such a situation that we can’t get those words out anyway. Admit it; if you follow “the way of irresistibleness”, you would get that look with a huge grin and “sparkling” eyes, give the person a bearhug, and drag the person with you home. But then society happend, and one just don’t do that at the mall. Or at least we believe so. The best way to do it is probably to start a casual conversation meaning absolutely nothing, before blurting out something the other person will want to hear more about. Then, you might go to that cafe together.
  • OK. Enough about crushes and random good looking people. Let’s say you’ve been abroad to study for half a year, you have been very busy, and visiting home hasn’t been possible until now. You’ve travelled eight hours by airplane, and you’re not sure if anyone, and then who, will welcome you at the airport. It’s 3 AM, and it’s not like everybody stays up that late; it’s a work day tomorrow. Though as you push through the “arrivals” gate, you see a woman you recognize at once. Your mom. Emotion-barricades are thrown out the window, and you do as the other people in the hall; grin so that your cheeks hurt and get huge, bright eyes. Your mom notices you coming and goes into the same expression. You get together in a huge hug, and almost start crying happy-tears. It’s irresistible to grin and hug people you long to meet and see. And it’s much easier to throw away emotional barricades when it’s about family memebers. They don’t friendzone you.

3. enticing; tempting to possess: an irresistible necklace. This is a bit easier to deal with. And, uhm, parts society kind of enjoys it. It’s not math, but you can put it into a calculation; Irresistible object for sale + your money = Happy dealer who gets money. You’re out shopping, knowing you’re only going to buy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt; but end up buying lots of stuff because they were featured and looked just irresistible (And the price tags? Oh my, they were cheap!). But this can also be things that you actually have some need for; E.G you can long after possessing a new computer because you would like one with better video editing programs or a pair of the best running shoes ever beacuse you’re getting in shape with running.. For me, I have that irresistibleness towards Iphones. I had an Android for about one and a half years and when I finally got an iPhone 4S last fall, I was “drunk on happiness” for weeks. And I could literally not have been more satisfied about an object as with my iPhone. It makes my life easier and much better. That’s just my opinion; people can say whatever they wanna say as long as they don’t take it away from me. I use it for so many things, amongst them are blogging, photography, radio, chatting and alarms.

(Source for word definition: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/irresistible )



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