“H” is for Hiking

If you ask me the question; “If you’d have to marry something other than a person, what would it be?”

I will answer; “Mountains”

I don’t know exactly why I love moutains that much, but it’s just, I’ve always done. I’ve been brought to the mountains ever since I was three years old, and have never complained about it, just enjoyed all of it. And with mountains comes hiking. Hours and hours of nature and physical activity. I think hiking would be my best man if I married mountains. I have three constant things on top of things I like to do; Hiking, massage and being out in the sun. I like a lot of things, but these have been my top for years by now. That most probably mean they are really important for me.

So what’s the deal about hiking being so amazing? It’s a bit hard to sum up, but I’ll try:

  • Nature. You are out in the nature and have it all around you. Fresh mountain water in creeks, branches swiping your bare legs and the best air in the whole world.
  • Problems lighten. When I’m hiking, I lay a lot from my everyday life away. Things I find stressing or not that interesting; just putting them away for some weeks really. Afterwards, things seem lighter altogether and it’s perfect to start doing everything again.
  • Weeks of life. I love long hikes. In the summer, going on two-week long hikes is the best of the whole summer. When finished, I’ve been walking mile after mile, and seen so many great views!
  • Walking. One of the most basic body movements is also one of the most tempting, I think. I love carrying a backpack and walking the mountains on 8-10 hour hikes. That’s really just the best!
  • Free feeling. On summits, brims and mountain sides; looking far, far out and feeling air all around.

Here comes some photos I’ve been taking on my hikes;


Rondane, Norway


Nautgardstind, Jotunheimen, Norway


Rondvassbu (tourist hut), Rondane, Norway



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