My First Real Terrain Run!

Today I did something I will never forget; I finished my first hardcore terrain run! I have been running a lot by myself in the terrain, but haven’t before today participated in a big and real one. I ran “7-nutsløpet” which is Norwegian for “7-summits run”. So it’s basically a race over seven summits in Sandnes, Western Norway, and it is the lenght of 14 kilometres and a total of 900 metres ascent. We had the best possible running weather today; partly cloudy/partly sunny, about 15 degrees Celcius, mostly dry ground, little wind and no rain. All the runners were really happy about that. The run goes parallell with a seven summits hike, though the hike starts a bit later the same day so that the runners get the best tracks and don’t get delayed due to hikers in their way.



Wakin’ up! The run started 08:45, so I just got dressed in running shorts and wool jumper and ate a good breakfast with wholegrain bread, peanut butter and banana, and milk and tea.


syvnutsløpet start

Running like never before. I had two goals this first time at the race; complete the race, and preferably get under three hours. And I did! I finished at the time 2:38:04! I was place 177 of 227, and I’m very pleased and thankful about that! (More results; )


“What time is it?” I asked a random man, because I didn’t bring a clock. “11:30” he said, and I was like “omg I made it under three hours”. I bought two waffles and a apple juice because that was the healthiest they had at the cafe there. I was hungry, and there was still over an hour until I’d be home, since I took the bus later. I sat down at the grass and enjoyed the sun.


I walked onto the bus, and slumped into a seat. When I got home, I realized I didn’t bring the key to the house, so I waited an half and hour in the garden for my dad, who hiked the route. Luckily, the weather was nice and I threw a pillow on the tiles and tanned and totally relaxed.


The shower felt very good! After that, I stretched out my muscles and felt very good.

2014-05-25 14.14.36 2014-05-25 14.14.53

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