“G” is for Gangnam Style

Admit it. We’ve all heard this one. I like the song, and since it was a while since last time I’ve heard it, when I listened to it and saw the video today, I recalled good memories. When this was at its top, autumn 2012, me and my best friend spontanously went to a bridge over the road close to where we live. We turned my phone on full volume, and danced Gangnam Style to the drivers and bypassers. We counted honks, and we got quite many.
I find the video great as well, because of certain things;
– The many different clips makes it exiting to watch
– The many bright colors gets you in a good mood
– The dance is easy to learn and weird yet cool (I recall literally everyone knowing the dance back in 2012)

The video was the first ever to reach 1 billion views on YouTube(December 21st 2012). It was released in July 2012, and is the lead single on South Korean musician Psy’s album Psy 6 (six rules), part 1. It is the most watched video on YouTube, with now over 1.99 billion views. The genre is K-pop, and important leaders like Barack Obama (U.S president), Ban Ki-moon ( United Nations Secretary-General) and David Cameron (British prime minister) have danced Gangnam Style and expressed their impressments over it. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gangnam_Style)

Watch, see, listen and ENJOY!

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