“E” is for Emoji

Do you have them on your phone? Many have, including me. These smileys and symbols have become an important part of how we text. I think they’re good because you get emotions and settings straight out with a symbol and not by writing a hundred words. I remember when I had my previous phone, without emojis. It wasn’t able to show them in messages from others either. That was annoying, though I got used to it. It’s better now, though.

For some examples on how you can show many emotional words with one emoji symbol (when texting or snapchatting):

“Me and my friends are crazy, just look at the outfits! They look like we’re kinda retarded but anyway that dosn’t matter because we’re awesome not retarded LOL.”


“I’m sitting in my garden with my shades on and it’s like 30 degrees here. I’ve bought an ice cold soda and filled a glass with icecubes. Earlier today, my boyfriend and I went to take a bath in the ocean; it was actually kinda warm!”



“There’s no actual point in sending you this text, but you know It’s saturday and I’m a party person so don’t worry I’m just kinda drunk I’ll watch myself, just chill. Just come pick me up like 3AM if I’m not home yet you know the stuff because you’re my best friend, bro.”



“I just finsihed a test at school and I totally forgot everything that I practiced on yesterday. You know, it was that math test and it really matters for my grades. My parents expect me to get an A; they’ve even promised me ten bucks because this is an important test. So basically; I’m screwed.”

test no idea smoji

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