“D” is for Dark Chocolate

I’m really into dark chocolate, and I’ve been for a long time. Knowing the health benfits from the first bite I took, my interest in it has continued. Not only do I enjoy the taste, it also has got many health benefits! And yeah, you automaticly eat less of this per portion than milk chocolate (like, when talking about the “chocolate satisfaction”. All chocolate-lovers will know what that is). When we use the term “dark chocolate”, we mean chocolate with a cacao contain on minimum 70%. So; less sugar, more vitamins and antioxidants! Be careful with the amounts, though, stick to E.G 25-35 grams a couple times a week!(Relax; chocolate satisfaction=accomplished! Try it and see!)

So where’s the health benefits? Hold on:

  • Can help lower blood pressure
  • Improves blood flow, and may prevent blood clots
  • Better blood flow to your brain (bring it to school tests and complicated work! I have sucessfully tried it for you)
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Contains chemical components that make your brain release endorphines (like what happens when falling in love), thus, you feel happier
  • Helps keeping a stable blood sugar (don’t make your blood sugar jump up to the sky, like other sweets do)
  • Antioxidants. They benefit the cells in the body, and may prevent such as cancer and it slows signs of aging
  • Contains theobromine; which might help your dental hygiene, unlike most other sweets and snacks. It is shown to harden tooth emanel (though only when keeping a normal, good dental hygiene daily!)
  • High concentrations of vitamines and minerales; Potassium, Copper, Magnesium and Iron

(Source: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/6-health-benefits-of-dark-chocolate.html#b and my well-blood-flowing-from-dark-chocolate-brain (even though that doesn’t normally count as a source…))

This problably sound like a good thing to treay yourself with. Though the kids? Of course! I am your living example on that kids can like that. I’m not a kid like now (I’m 15) but I’ve been loving dark chocolate since I was about 10 years old. My mum and grandma loved it, and always had that at their houses. I was early introduced to the health benefits. And (cough) my older friends who’re older than me wonder how I can be 15 when I start draining a cup of pitch black coffee and talk about chemistry or community problems. Not only with the dark chocolate and coffee have I for a long time been treated like a soon-to-be-adult, I’ve always been mature. 

So what should you do and what should you not do? I’ve taken some photos to illustrate:

Do this a couple times a week (recommended portion size):


Don’t do this:


This one I recommend. It’s the brand Alnatura, it’s eco-grown and without additives:


And always remember to choose either eco-grown or Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate! The countries where this is grown are situated mostly in rainforests, and many of the countries are poor. Help the workers and their community as well as the environment and rainforests!

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