‘B’ is for Baking

I love baking. I literally do it very often; whole grain bread, healthy types of cake, cereal bars or scones. I’ll do it all.

Now, I’m intensely practicing on bread-baking, because I’ll be doing that while studying in a few years. I’ve gotten a lot of insider info about the money-saving about that from my studying friends. Through the last period of time, I’ve become faster and more routined in the baking process.
I also think that a good homemade bread tastes better than most of those in the store; especially if you take one of the same price as the price for the flour, seeds and all. Go homemade!

When I bake bread and similar, I have mostly whole grain flour in, and some wheat flour. I also add seeds or oat flakes. The teaspoon with sugar is clue; the yeast ‘eat’ it up, so the bread don’t taste sweet or contain sugar at the end.
I use milk as moisture in dough; it makes it more tasty and yummy.

Try out a recipe, evaluate the result, and make it your own signature bread! Good luck 🙂



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