“A” is for Arrival

You might already have figured it out; I’m going for a new thing. Each letter gets a theme, and I’ll be getting more creative and you won’t be bored. Win-Win.

I think about a lot when I see the word arrival. We’ve all arrived to places, wherever they might’ve been. When we see a sign that says “arrivals” or someone talks about an arrival, we think about times when we’ve been the ones to arrive, and we might also think about our “Dream-arrival”, whatever that is for us.

When you’re at an airport and see the “arrivals”-sign from the outside, you’re probably waiting for someone to arrive. When you yourself go out from the arrival-centre at an airport, the feels can be so much. Maybe you’re really keen on going to this new place, or maybe you were going home and just really wanna go back there, or at least have a plane delay.

At a main station, you see tons of people walking from an arrived train, and in the exactly same direction to get out in the main hall. When they’ve come that far, they part into every direction possible, and soon you san’t make them out from the other people crowding in the hall. 




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