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“I” is for Irrestistible

That’s an adjective. Right. But it’s an adjective that all of us can relate to. The word has different ways of definition, thus there are many different irresistible things, actions and people. So the point about this post is not … Continue reading

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“H” is for Hiking

If you ask me the question; “If you’d have to marry something other than a person, what would it be?” I will answer; “Mountains” I don’t know exactly why I love moutains that much, but it’s just, I’ve always done. … Continue reading

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My First Real Terrain Run!

Today I did something I will never forget; I finished my first hardcore terrain run! I have been running a lot by myself in the terrain, but haven’t before today participated in a big and real one. I ran “7-nutsløpet” … Continue reading

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“G” is for Gangnam Style

Admit it. We’ve all heard this one. I like the song, and since it was a while since last time I’ve heard it, when I listened to it and saw the video today, I recalled good memories. When this was … Continue reading

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“F” is for Fjord

If you know a little bit about Norway, you probably know that we have lots of long fjords here. One of Norway’s main tourist attractions are the fjords; they get filled up with cruise ships during summer, and the local … Continue reading

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“E” is for Emoji

Do you have them on your phone? Many have, including me. These smileys and symbols have become an important part of how we text. I think they’re good because you get emotions and settings straight out with a symbol and … Continue reading

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“D” is for Dark Chocolate

I’m really into dark chocolate, and I’ve been for a long time. Knowing the health benfits from the first bite I took, my interest in it has continued. Not only do I enjoy the taste, it also has got many … Continue reading

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