About Going Back

I’m at my last day of this Germany trip. It’s always as miserable going back to Norway, and that’s not just because I’ve had a week off and been on vacation.

I know I’ll be back again in Germany soon, and that my decision of moving here to study is dragging closer and closer. Meanwhile I’ll visit Germany as often as possible, read German magazines and prepare myself for moving down here.

I know that the next years will pass quickly if they continue in the pace of the last. It’s not about ‘running through life without halts’, but the feeling of ‘soon getting there…almost there…’ That’s really both a restless feeling and a good feeling.

What I will focus on these next years, the four next years to be exact, is of course, to even get into University, school. Learning more and more German is also very important, and for me also fun and motivating. And the time pass fast, so I can’t start early enough on various planning for my life after Upper Secondary School. As saving money, choose what to study, choose where to live and so on.

I might be a bit ‘FML’ right now, but it’s not that bad. I’m just not that big a Norway fan, because of many things really. Also, being at home in two countries is kinda hard when you feel like you live in the wrong one. At least when you start getting that other country, learn the language, know the brands and everything. When I was younger I didn’t have such a strong connection to Germany, but now I speak German, read German magazines and know the country well.

There are one group of people that I hope I’ll find a place amongst. I’ve recently become a member of the Norwegian ‘European Youth’, who’s working for a Norwegian EU-membership. I’m going to a meeting on Monday, and I’m very exited for the meeting!

So what I say to myself is ‘ Brace Yourself! Get well prepared and get a decent life.’

About ingridchristi

The gym, studies, travel, the mountains and all things green! Twitter: @CRgenes
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