Travellife Dresden and Decin

So I’m currently at my third day of the Germany trip, and I’ve continued taking photos and collecting memories. Now that I’ve been here in Germany in over two days, my German is going so automatic that I need to concentrate more than usual when suddenly talking English to people on the street, blogging and writing in English is no problem, but I answered this man about some train earlier today in English, though when dad came into the conversation and didn’t know this man spoke English, and therefore continued in German, I kinda messed the words and said: ” Nein, this is not the train nach Prague.” Haha.

Photograph time!


Here we’re taking the train to Decin, Check Republic. I’ve never been in that country before, so this was rather exiting!


At the Decin Main Station.





Some of the Decin photos I took.
I noticed how different the language was there, we were glad when we could become a menu in German…

See you later!

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