Green and Money-Savvy Student Life #4

You need to have some furniture in “da place”. How though, can you do that environmentally and money conscious? 


The first thing is; get yourself some used furniture! Using that will benefit both your valet, because it’s cheaper than new, and the environment, recycling of resource and saving production emissions. If you thought that “used furniture” only reffers to that old, nasty, white fabric sofa (that small smoke and beer); I’ll have to prove you wrong. Used furniture is a term that reffers to so much more! To mention some normal used furniture available most places, there are desks, sofas (other than that white, nasty one), carpets, coffee tables and so on. 

Go at the Internet and find a web store where people can put out things for sale, if you’d like that. If you have some stuff yourself that you wanna get rid of, put ’em out, and earn money and learn about advertising. You can obviously do that with lots of stuff, not just furniture. If you ain’t such a fan of digital shopping, try out a local second hand store. Lots of places has got one. If you don’t find one that close to where you live, it might be better doing it the digital way. And of course; ask friends and family if they’ve gotten some furniture they don’t use! Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and so on; think about it; Who, amongst those I know, has got the most furniture?

Create fresh air indoor and outdoor. This mostly give benefits for yourself, though choosing Fair Trade or eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to plants will benefit the environment as well. I’ve bought a green plant a while ago, and I can tell the room’s air is much better than without the plant! If you have a porch, make sure you green it up, too!

Hope you liked it! Next up is “Use the Space you’ve got”.




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