Green and Money-Savvy Student Life #3

Today it’s all about how we choose to transport ourselves. By public, private or muscular transport. So how to save both money and environment at the same time? Have a read!

Public transport is indeed a very good choice. Tram, bus, subway, train and so on are all examples on public transport. The offers are available almost all over, though you’re probably most lucky about this if you life in a city of a somehow decent size. The bigger the place and the more the urban, the cheaper and better it gets. It is like this; the more people who use E.G a railway service, the cheaper it gets per person. Double the participants, and cut the costs to half per participant. And the environment will be so happy for you! The more people who cut their cars to take that bus to E.G work, the more environmental it gets. When switching from private transport to public transport, you will se changes as;

  • Reduced costs (you get away from yearly car-costs, car pimping and fixing, bar costs etc.). The montly/weekly price you pay for a card at the public transport is in almost all cases much cheaper than paying for all these.
  • Becoming more social (yeah, you might not talk to all strangers at the subway, though you are together with people, and might talk about simple things as weather and news with some strangers from time to time.).
  • Better city air (if people switch from private- to public transport, the exhaust and allover emissions will be reduced)
  • Allover a healthier earth if many do as you (switching to public transport together with other environmental efforts.)!

publictransport collage

Muscular transport has got one very important benefit that motorized transport lack; extra exercise. FOR FREE (yeah, you saw it. Caps Lock and all that.). Walk, bike, skate, rollerskate, run or whatever else using your bare muscles! Of course these opportunitues for muscular transport depend on how long you’ll need to be tranported every day, how the landscape is formed, the weather and all that. Remember that you can easily combine muscular and public transport, E.G get off that bus a stop earlier, bike at the sunny days or walk one way and take the train to get back home. And OH, did I mention that your all-time health costs will be dramatically reduced when exercising more?

running by the city

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked the post, and that I will see you again here tomorrow. Next theme is furniture!

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