Green and Money-Savvy Student Life #2

We all need clothes. Actually, keeping warm is as known one of the basic needs of a human, and clothes help with that. Of course, clothes are in today’s world much more than keeping warm. And that’s not negative; if you don’t overreact and buy way too much that you would do good without. And as a student with not-so-awfully-much-money, your wallet will thank you for keeping a somehow low consumption of clothes (and the earth).

Let me just start with the part about clothing in today’s world being a positive thing. They are a big part of people’s identities, and without them I personally think identities would be a lot more boring. E.G, I wear a warm winter jacket to keep warm, but I choose it’s design out from what’s my style and what I like to wear, and find practical. Clothes are one of those factors that help us develop ourselves. Like, together with friends, hobbies, diet and work to mention some other factors. Clothes also create an enormous industry with tons of employees. So if this industry (today only part of it is) do their stuff environmentally concious, that’s really not a bad thing.


Let’s move on to the student perspective (which all of us can adopt even though we’re not necessarily studying at the time). My main point is to reduce the consumption, sticking to what you need, and only a minimum amount of “wants”. The “wants” are lurking all over the stores these days; but we need to learn how to control ourselves when at the mall. Too big consumption of clothing lead to climate gas emissions, tapping the earth from resource, addiction to the materialistics and less money in the valet. The whole thing lies in the “think before you buy”-philosophy. Reading the book “Geneartion Green”, I discovered a new, and cool idea to follow; The 5 R’s, as listed below, explain somehow what you should consider before you buy something. I personally don’t follow all these, though the point is to think before you buy, so that you spare the earth and don’t end up with an empty valet and things you don’t really use. Find a way that suits you! And don’t worry if it’s a lot of work at the beginning; it goes on “autopilot” after a few months!

  • Reduce – Can I use less off what I already have?
  • Reuse– Is there any way to borrow or rent? Can I buy a used version of this product?
  • Recycle– Can I do a trade with someone to get something I want, and give them something they want back?
  • Rethink– Is this a want or a need? Who’s encouraging me to buy this (TV, friends etc.)? Am I really going to wear/use this a year from now? Can I list at least five good reasons I need to get this product? Do I have opportunities on buying this eco-friendly and with less packaging? Can I walk/bike/use public transport to get this?
  • Refuse– How long can I go without this? Can I do well without it, and just skip the whole purchase?

Hope you guys got some new ideas! Good luck! Tomorrow we’re talking transporting!


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