Green and Money-Savvy Student Life #1

I cannnot wait until I’m am to study in some years. As I do with most stuff, I have quite concrete plans for it long before it is going to take place. Also with the plans for studying faculty and student life. I am in this post sharing many of my concrete (love concrete actions) things to do when saving the environment AND your money while studying.

As for myself, I have two major goals that I want to work for during my time at Uni in some years;

  • Be eco-savvy, and have a low ecological footprint (though still live a decent life)
  • Make the study loan as small as possible¬†

This series now coming up during the following week, will point at lots of various things to do!

1. Healthy, cheap and wholesome food

You’ve probably heard it before. Earlier students telling about their years of Master, living on cheap and not so nutritionous foods as noodles, cheap bread, First Price and fast food. What many of those students have discovered after their years at Uni, is that in the long term, your wallet and body will be much better in state for the years after Uni by eating healthy (and SO cheap) food. To take some examples on what you should look after whilst shopping groceries for eating wholesome and save money. Your cooking skills will increase too.

  • Buy big. Shops that take in big quantities of a certain product, sell them for a cheap price each, because they still earn money on that themselves. So buy big, and freeze down (yeah, I’d say it’s worth it getting one of those small, cute freezers to combine with the fridge or place wherever there’s extra space). This also save time, because you buy a lot at once, and maybe save ten buys of that product at one big shopping trip. So if you do this with a few products (depends on the space available for storage), you certainly save time.


  • Use offers, food coupons and discount cards for all that they’re worth! One of the favorite things of mine to do, is to buy “short date” foods, that is, food that will shortly get outta date. Though we are known to that most foods are good after the date the government has sat. The very short dates is one of the things that lead to enourmous amounts of food being thrown away every year, so you save the environment AND get fifty percent off. (Check out the REAL dates on different foods.)


  • Buy seasonal vegetables and fruit. These are cheaper than imported, specially grown crops that also impact the environment with lots of transporting emissions. Though make sure the crops that you buy are grown nearby! At least most of them.


  • Bake bread yourself. I got this tip from a friend of mine studying in Oslo, who save lots of money having “bakedays” (not whole days, but days where she can spare some time) and freezing bread to have later. To get a decent healthy bread from the shop, you have to pay much more than if you buy flour and that stuff yourself. At least in Norway and other alike countries.


Hope to see you again tomorrow! We’ll be talking clothes then!

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