Green Workouts Part #3

Daily exercise to reduce your ecological footprint. You read right; exercise to lower emissions. We’re talking about that what you do to stay active besides your workouts, can actually benefit the earth. These small grips in the daily life are important, just as it’s important to work it out.

These everyday benfits you and the earth get can come from E.G these things that you do;

  • Take the stairs; get your legs trimmed and save energy by not using the elevator.
  • Walk to shop groceries; walking and carrying shopping nets or a backpack for your whole body, and you save emissions from driving. Fresh air also included!
  • Walk or bike to places you’re going; fresh air, better condition and shape! Here, you also save emissions. (E.G to work, school, gym, friends)

Such things, together with workouts, really benfits your shape, body and soul! I try to get at least one hour of such things during a day, sometimes more or less, depending on how tough my workouts are and how busy I am.

Good to go? Wish you luck!



About ingridchristi

The gym, studies, travel, the mountains and all things green! Twitter: @CRgenes
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