Green Workouts Part #1

All has a connection, and today I’ll give you my thoughs upon working out green at the gym. Two of the top things in my life, smashed together in one post. Have you ever thought about how green you work out?

I had an interesting conversation with some of my fellows in the green party I’m in. We were talking about working out, basically, and then discussed all kinds of things.

  • Are gyms environmental?
  • I like/I dislike being around so many fit people at once
  • Running is exiting/boring
  • What do you exercise?
  • Where can I do yoga?
  • (and so on and so forth)

Let’s focus on the “Are gyms environmental?”. I think they are; with an exception that you actually make yourself. First, many people share all the equipment at the gym. If everyone at the gym bought their own full-filled equipment collection to have at home, many more natural resouces would be used. Second, it saves place at people’s homes when they have an opportunity to share the space where they work out.

And the self-made exception? Driving to the gym. You know all that about cars, emissions and resources. I’m not gonna write a page about that. The point is that you should get to the gym like this:

  • Use public transport (train, tram, bus etc.)
  • Walk or bike (extra exercise if you live nearby ain’t bad at all!)
  • Carpool (fill up the car with people going in the same direction as you) if you have to drive (living far away, no public transport etc.)

Thanks for taking the time to read about this! Come again tomorrow for part #2 of the green workout series!

Now; time for the daily dose of fitspo 😀

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