Spring has Arrived (Hopefully…)!

For a little bit of information about the weather in western Norway; It is all types of weather here. And in the last weeks (or months?) there has been so changing weather that you had no clue what to put on in the morning. Days have contained intense rain showers, foggy rain, bright sun, hail and wind. The thing has been, that the weather has changed every ten minutes some days, so you always needed to bring, yeah, umbrella, sunglasses, warm jacket, you name it. Luckily, this winter havn’t been especially cold (cold enough, though) compared to that last year. So if you’ve been in Norway in the last time to visit the snow, it’s not 100% guaranteed you’ve had snow at all. At least not in certain parts of the country.

The last two days though, has been awesome! Ten degrees (which led to my first-of-the-year outdoor intervale workout in short tights) and sunlight has flooded over the area of Western Norway the past days, and made the news all over Norway. And if you ever wonder, yeah, Norwegians go tan themselves when the sun comes and there’s about fifteen degrees in the wind sheltered places. We need to be careful though, so that we don’t get the cold cause of being too brave when it comes to tanning when it’s under twenty degrees.

But the best about this weather, which is also where the environment comes in, is to be out in the beautiful nature! It’s not always about going to a wild forest miles away, though it’s many times about using the local opportunities. Like today, I ran hill intervales in a piece of forest in my neighborhood. Or like going to a city green lung/park, climb the nearest tree you can find (it’s fun even though you’re not ten anymore), hike at a local hiking track, plant new plants in your garden and so on! The important thing is to value the nature we have, and to do your best to conserve it also for future generations. 

The weather forecasts are at this point saying that there will be nice spring weather this type for weeks! Let’s just hope they are right… I have proven our weather forecast wrong like 100 times the last month.

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