Workout Series Day #4

Today I’d like to share my best tips about how to get the most out of your workouts. With focus on how to eat and drink before, during and after working out. These are very concrete tips, so just follow up:


A good rule for most types of workouts, is to finish a meal minimum one hour before workout start, and maximum two hours before. This will provide you energy as well as preventing stitches and other digestion caused pains during workouts.


If you’re having a one hour workout, there is mostly no need for extra energy during the workout (if you’ve eaten like mentioned in the previous point). Though remember water! We’ve had this ‘drink more water’-campaign in Norway, and I learned something very important there; if you lack 1 percent of water in your system, you loose 10 percent of throughput. Think about that.

When it comes to longer workouts, it’s smart to bring light and energizing foods to eat between sequences of these longer workouts. These foods can be E.G fruit or nuts (that’s at least proved to work for me). The point is that then you can probably lift some kilos more or run a kilometer longer. Make sure the ‘during workout foods’ are easily digested and give fast energy. Try out different foods, and find out what’s best for you.


There’s a really important thing to remember here, and that thing has been put up in media as well, and proved many times to work: ‘A good rule is to have a meal maximum an hour after the workout’. That’s very important for the restituation after a workout. I recommend eating foods rich on protein after a tough workout.

As well, it’s important after certain types of workouts, such as strenght and swimming, to get a little quick carbohydrates and protein right after the workout so that the musclemass lasts untill the main meal. I recommend a yoghurt or nuts and fruit.

Good luck as always, people! New post coming up tomorrow as well.

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