Workout Series Day #3

Today it’s gonna be about everyday activity. Moderate everyday activity is just as important as intense workouts! It’s like physical and psychic health; one of them don’t work alone. They need a partner, a right or left hand, call it what you want. Everyday activity improves your mood in the daily life, provides you more energy, makes the days more fun, and of course; you get the mastering feeling. And oh, not to forget that it helps improve and keep up your shape!

Working out: You lifted 1 kg more at the gym today, give yourself a clap on the shoulder and send a satisfied smile out to the world. You did great today, after working on it for so long!

Everyday exercising: The weather is awful outside there, you think for yourself. Do I really need to go out for a 20 minute walk now? Yes, I want to, because then I get fresh air and more energy before starting on the assignment for tomorrow. And the feeling you get? You accomplish two pages more than if you didn’t take that walk, true?

To give my personal advice, I stake on getting minimum one hour of everyday activity every day, and I work out 4-6 times a week.

Here are some examples on everyday activity (you most probably do some of these already):

– Take the stairs instead of the elevator

– Walk/bike to school/job

– Jump of the (of course) public transport some stops earlier than your final destination

– Put in a walk during lunch break (and improve your results at school/work)

– Do yoga (c:)

– Walk to take the groceries, and put them into a backpack while carrying them home

Good luck everyone! What are your habits of everyday activity? Do you have some really original tip? Share it all in the comments!

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The gym, studies, travel, the mountains and all things green! Twitter: @CRgenes
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