Workout Series Part #2

Today it’s going to be about a very flexible (literally) type of training. It is easy to do different workouts within this type of training, come up with a workout plan for a goal you want to reach and to vary these workouts or sessions out from what other you’ve done the same day. Yeah, you might’ve guessed; I’m talking yoga.

Yoga- Flexible Plan and Flexible Body:

Yoga is just so much. It’s neither just meditating nor just fitness. You can choose many types of focuses you want to have, and vary it from your mood, agenda, other workouts and what you need to practice the most on. If you want to know some more facts about yoga, I suggest you read my earlier posted post “Yoga Research”, where I’ve written about some things I found out about yoga during a recent research of mine.

First, there is the strenght yoga, which combines strenght for a choosen part of the body, as E.G abs or chest, with exercises that stretches out your body whilst doing strenght, so you don’t really need to stretch out afterwards. Yoga strenght has got many benefits, like training those parts of a muscle group that traditional strenght training don’t do, benfits your organs, calms you down (yes, whilst training), don’t recquire many tools and much more. After an hour of yoga strenght, you’ll feel it in both the parts of muscle goups that you train regularly, and those you didn’t know existed.

Second, there is the yoga for body toning. Here, there are lots of stretching and twists as well as some strenght exercises that helps you keep fit and fresh! In some sessions, the focus is on one particular part of the body, while in some it’s about the whole body. Yoga for body toning can help you with different things; if you want to get a tighter body for the summer season, increase your combustion (the other types of yoga also helps a lot) or just stretch and do some strenght at once.

Third, there is the stretch yoga. After I started with yoga as an additon to my regular workouts, I don’t have to do the same, boring repeats of stretch exercises anymore! This yoga is something it’s easy to vary the exercises on, and you don’t even have to think about what comes next; the programme or trainer will tell you!

And of course there are many more types of yoga! I recommend the app “Daily Yoga” to home-trainers, or taking yoga classes at the gym.

Good luck, I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀

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