Workout Series Starting Up!

I’ve decide to throw a small blog series including workout tips, motivation and much more about working out. I’ll be posting every day for five days, thus from today, Wednesday, to Sunday. Follow up to get inspired!

Wednesday March 5th- Different types of workouts:

Today it’s about how to vary your workouts by putting together workouts in different ways. There are tons of ways, you probably use some already, though I’ll give you a variety to check out.

The short-time hard intervale:

I learned this from my time at an athletics group. We did this one once a week, combined with our other workouts. It lasts for 45 minutes, and goes like this; 10 minutes warm up and then basically just different types of hard intervales for 30-35 minutes, all after what type of sport you practice. After the main workout, it is smart to cool down and prevent yourself from stiffening by doing a reverse warm up. The point with this one is to give 100% during intervales over a shorter time. This type of workout is also nice to do for an hour.

running fast

The longtour:

If you’re into things like running, skiing, hiking, power walking etc. , you might enjoy this one very well. It’s really simple; middle hard activity over a long time. E.G Running in middle tempo for 1-2 hours really does it. This really improves your endurance! (A tip: I brainstorm a lot whilst doing this workout type. If you are completly blank about something you need to get done, you can multitask working out and brainstorming at once; and they even benefit each other!) How long a typical longtour last, has to do with the type of activity you do.


The 50/50:

Have a workout with two different focuses! Do E.G 30 or 45 minutes of each two activities. This is a brilliant way to combine condition and strenght, football and running, climbing and weightlifting or whatever you like to work it out with. So either if you like doing more than one type of activity in a workout, or if you can’t decide your mind some days upon what you will work out; this really is suited for you.

strenght weightlifting

Good luck! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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