I got this school assignment recently, which is due on Friday. The task is to deepen into one theme whitin one of the world’s main religions. I choose to deepen into “Yoga in Hinduism”. So today I found the necessary information, and did find lots of things that I didn’t know about yoga at all. Here are some of them;

  • Yoga originated in ancient India
  • In hindusism, yoga is one of six schools within hinduistic philosophy
  • The yoga that most western people associate with the term, is a type of yoga called hatha yoga (like, fitness yoga and yoga to reduce stress), and came with the tantra way of hinduism in the first millenium after Christ
  • The word yoga comes from the language sanskrit, the holy language in hinduism
  • Yoga is in hinduism traditionally used to contact with the divine, come to moksha and to find the inner self
  • The four main types of yoga are Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja
  • Yoga is used for health purpose in hinduism as well, both as contemporary treatment and as complete exercise- and therapy progamme


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