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Must see; how the world develops! This is a one hour video in English. It is texted in Norwegian, but that probably woun’t bother people. Recommend watching the whole thing, as it’s absolutely interesting and give you knowledge.  The main themes are population growth, income, … Continue reading

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Green Workouts Part #3

Daily exercise to reduce your ecological footprint. You read right; exercise to lower emissions. We’re talking about that what you do to stay active besides your workouts, can actually benefit the earth. These small grips in the daily life are important, just as … Continue reading

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Green Workouts Part #2

The theme I’m going to write about today is “Using nature to exercise body and soul”. This is about working out in the nature. It can be E.G mountain hiking, terrain running, intervales in the forest, a run by the … Continue reading

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Green Workouts Part #1

All has a connection, and today I’ll give you my thoughs upon working out green at the gym. Two of the top things in my life, smashed together in one post. Have you ever thought about how green you work out? … Continue reading

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Spring has Arrived (Hopefully…)!

For a little bit of information about the weather in western Norway; It is all types of weather here. And in the last weeks (or months?) there has been so changing weather that you had no clue what to put … Continue reading

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Perfect Technique; Crunches and Squats

I wasn’t very good at neither squats nor crunches before. Until recently! I was like “Wait, I have YouTube. I’m gonna rock those!” So I watched some videos, and got much better! Here they are, so that you can also … Continue reading

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Still World at Breakfast

Today at breakfast my dad said ‘The colors on your plate match’ and I was life ‘PHOTO TIME!’ And found my phone. So here’s the color combination in a still world photo! Hope you guys like it 🙂

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