Minimalistic Travelling

Whenever I’m going on a travel, I try to pack no more luggage than what I intend to use during the trip. I really see progress by every time, and I do an automatic evaluation on what I brought but did not use every time I return from a travel. I have by now memorized pack lists for different types of travels, like two-week exploration holidays, organization meeting travles, weekends and mountian hikes.

I like to pack light and be minimalistic when travelling, and often have a goal of bringing no more than one piece of luggage and a small handbag or something. That also gives me another reason to love summer; you do not need a mountian of warm clothing. Which is what I basically need during winter because I’m a total freezer. 

When I pack for summer travels, say for a week of travel, I use like 30 min. But if the same trip were during winter time, It would take like an hour because I get stressed out that I will forget some essential warm thing and I will freeze for a week. I cannot simply forget my gloves or super warm fleece-and-knit hat. I am not that warm-blooded. Though also here I get better by every time because practice is the best way to get things into your head.

My travel essentials? My every-travel checklist? What I’d be lost without? 

1. Tea

If I’m not certain there will be good tea available, I fill a box with teabags and put them in my luggage. Tea is like my zen if you get it.

2. Workout clothing

Based on where I’m going, I always pack workout clothing because I love to work out and it makes me get more out of my travel as well. So if I know there will be running opportunities, I pack running clothing, and if there will be climbing opportunities, I pack climbing equipment.

3. Body Lotion

I seriously can’t go long without body lotion. If I don’t bring it, my skin gets dry and I get irritated because of it. The same about lip balm.

Always have a nice travel every one of you!


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