Just kidding, it’s not that amazing. Another year of, yeah you guess, crying with friends over romantic movies where everything is like a paradise. Tonight I’ll be crying together with my best friend Marie over ‘Letters to Juliet’ and something. 

It seems like the amount of people who actually have a real valentine (yes, I mean person not ice cream or chocolate) is like 10% and the other amount is like 90%. At least that is what it looks like today. 

Yeah, Valentine’s might be kinda overestimated many places, but it’s cute, isn’t it? Like getting a heart shaped pancake for breakfast, receive love cards or get bear hugs from friends. But don’t overreact and pimp the whole house with hearts, balloons and all that. Just no. Then it’s not cute anymore, than it’s just materialistic WHICH brings us back to the environment! So be kind to the environment also on this ‘all heart’s day’ and save some emissions by not overreacting the materialistic love. The people are much more important than things!

And while we’re sitting there crying with each other; we all wish some guy or girl would drop in, don’t we? Like when there is a hot pizza guy or something… We do always have the hope of that in our mind, even though reality is being rough with most of us this very day.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!



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One Response to VALENTINE’S…

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Simple but meaningful friends, greetings compassion 🙂

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