Yo. Green Progress ahead!

I’ll give you guys a little update on my green life and its progress;

One of my new year’s resolutions is to become more active in my local Green Youth Party! And I’ve kickstarted with a great meeting and I’ve been elected to member of the management! I’m really pleased with that, I must say. We held the first management meeting today, and it was really awesome. Remeber that we’re a youth party, and thus not boring! 😉 We’re the green and promising youth!

I’ve also thought a lot about what I want become, and searched a lot about for green jobs and education. I’ve for this time kinda landed on either a kind of journalist, an airplane engineer or full time organization work (payed, to be exact. Need to live on something…). When it comes to education, I’m almost certain I’ll take either the science subject line, or the IB (International Baccalaureate). My plan is to go secondary school in Norway, and then go to either Munich, Berlin, London or Sydney. I’m planning to work for a year between secondary school and university, abroad, and then we’ll see what happens to me in this great, big world. One thing is for sure; my future job has to have something to do with greening up the community!

As for the IB, I’m going to this open day tomorrow, and will probably post somthing here or on Twitter! 🙂 It’s annoying though, that most secondary schools here only welcome 10th graders, and not 9th graders… Though the school that offer IB does! Looking forward 🙂

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