A Post About My Life as a Pescetarian!

I’ve been a pescetarian for over two months now, and it has become more and more normal for me. At the start I had to think a lot about how to eat, what to eat and all that, and I still do some, but less than at the start.

As for me, I didn’t eat a lot of meat before I became pesce either, and the main thing that I’ve changed in my lifestyle is two-three dinners a week and some lunches. Not hard at all! I didn’t get that feeling of weakness that people say they get when going veggie, partly because I wasn’t addicted to meat before, and partly because I didn’t quit seafood.

And I definetly feel much better! I don’t have to worry anymore about having a bad coincidence about killing animals for eating, I don’t get that uncomfortable full feeling after a meal because meat is so ‘heavy’, I get more space for vegetables and vegetarian proteins and all in all I must say that I just feel better!

Whether I can identify me as a ‘vegetarian’ depends on who you ask, I’ve found. As for myself, I see myself as not a complete vegetarian, nor a meat eater. Because seafood is not vegetarian nor meat. It is a category itself, seafood. I am a pescetarian and I’m proud of it.


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