It’s a New Year… And a Better Life?

Yeah, as you might’ve guessed, I’m going to write about New Year’s resolutions. The promises you give yourself before 00:00 on January 1st; and that you feel so motivated for. But hey, didn’t you ever break one?

We know that felling. How it comes and how it goes. Or does it? That’s what I’m asking myself if I’m having a resolution and loose my motivation for it bit for bit. Which happens sometimes. So what can you do to keep motivated easily?

– Set part goals. You don’t need to do everything during January. You can E.G set a main goal that you’ll reach for the next June, and then have five part goals inbetween.

– Do get yourself the equipment that you need, but don’t do it overkill. Equipment isn’t everything, and you cannot buy new equipment every week throughout the year to keep motivated. Find a solution that’s more unmaterialistic, and keep the new equipment for once in a while.

– Find out what keeps you motivated. Is it for example cool to download new music? Watch a film? Bake? Gardening? It really can be as good as everything. 

We all have bad days when we feel like ‘this shit of a resolution is never gonna happen’ or ‘better do nothing than a little bit’. Though I’ll tell you one thing that I’ve been learning for a while and are still practicing on; Don’t let those bad days beat you, but let the good days feet you.



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  1. Andre T says:

    hey nice pics 😀

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