Holiday Diary January 4th

The day started with various errands, before me and dad went to a family birthday party.

Afterwards, in the late afternoon, we went grocery shopping, and found organic salmon in the freezing section! We had never seen that before, but thoght it was great and bought it for dinner; and it tasted really good as well! Absolutely recommended!

We drank tea and played a game afterwards, before playing table tennis, which was a lot of fun! We also took the leftovers from taco shells and used them as a healthier chips and had sour cream (yes, organic) and taco sauce for dips. It tasted awesome!

Earlier I had made guacamole from the avocado that I used for my eyes yesterday, and we tried that, too, but since none of us like to eat avocados, and since it was not all well processed in the mixer, it did make the trash.

Today’s meme:


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