Holiday Diary January 3rd

The day didn’t start too well, but cleared up after a hike in the local nature, up to a peak 45 min from home one way. It was obviously raining (like I’d expected something better…duh), but not that awfully much all the time. Only half of the time. And that’s something, isn’t it?

I used the afternoon on reading in newspapers and a newspaper magazine, then I went on an afternoon walk with dad before it got dark. I have to admitt I needed a power nap before continuing on the evening, so I kinda slept in for half and hour on the couch. But hey; they say that power naps are good for you, and I did feel more awake afterwards!

In the evening I visited my friend, sis, bro, everything, Marie, who lives quite close to me. We had some fun hours with what I afterwards though must’ve been quite a green hangout. Making napkin flowers, drawing (I think I must be longing for summer, since I drew a flower, a bee, an airplane and a worm. I know, I’m random…) and playing this word-explaination game! Lots of fun 🙂 We will also soon throw a ‘Swapping-night’ where we swap clothes and stuff we don’t want to the other if she wants it and then you get somthing back and stuff. That’s very green!

Later that evening, after a session of yoga, I tried a natural beauty tip where I lay avocado slices under the eyes and rested for 15 minutes. I chose sleeping music for extra relaxing. It felt very good with the avocado! 

Today’s meme:



Today’s video (how to use avocado oil):

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