Double-Diary December 31st and January 1st

The last day of the year 2013 went well, and I’m pleased to start a new year!

Happy new year!

I celebrated New Years eve with my family. At 00:00 AM me and my stepbrother jumped into the air and high’fived, before the biggest firework battery of ours was on! The two of us then threw a spontanous party, before we held out till 3 AM with a comedy movie. 

Earlier on the evening, we had a bunch of small firework-stoff, and played a game.Image


I woke up the same day (January 1st) at 10 AM, and was more awake than expected. After a very nice new-year’s breakfast with warm breadrolls (thanks mum!) I did the first workout for the year, with strenght-yoga. I learned how to make a good soup in the afternoon, and walked the dog. Then, the three of us kids were going home with the train leaving around a 45-minute drive from home. I expected the train to be full, but it was only half-full, and not stressy at all!

Today’s memes:



All good wished for everyone in 2014!



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