Holiday Diary 30th December

I went on a small ‘expedition’ today, discovering a walking path in a nearby town. I took the bus, and walked over a bridge to get to the island where the path is. The round around this little island was at about 2 kilometers, so I took it a few times before I returned to the town and bought an apple. I tried to find an organic choice, but with no luck. Though I chose the one that was not of the most obvious fake-grown sort (like those big, shiny and bold red apples that look like they’ve been washed for half an hour).

I’ve also done a variety of Accom-work today, and ate Chinese with the family.

I’m really looking forward to 2014, and tomorrow is the last day of 2013! I’ve decided I’ll jump high up in the air and ‘pang’ something when the clock hits 00:00 on January 1st!

Today’s meme (Noisy is a Norwegian juice-soda with no added sugar and a high amount of juice):Image


Today’s video:

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