Holiday Diary 29th December

Today I’ve written the review on the book that I’ve read recently,”Generation Green”. Review is available for free download on, under ‘Books and Stuff’. Hope you’ll read the book! You’ll gain incredible amounts of knowledge!

Started the day with writing, before I ate breakfast and walked the dog. There were beautiful sceneries to see during the walk, as E.G a bird taking off from the water surface, colored sky and still lakes.

Me and mum cleaned the house; dusting, vacuuming and mopping. I think it’s fun cleaning the house, and actually like to do it. When you do it together, it’s a social activity, and a necessary activity! Great!

I learned how to cook an especially good fish casserolle for dinner, and I’ll certainly be cooking it soon!

Later I made the rough layout for a project I’ve started on, called “Student’s Eco-Friendly Home”. It is going to be my inspiration when I move out and get a place when studying, and be as Eco-Friendly as I can. I’ll announce it when it’s done; just ask if you want to use it, though I wount be putting it out for download.

At the evening we played a new board game, which we got for Christmas from “Santa” (ho ho ho?). It’s called “Wanna bet?” and is about beti\ting yes or no on whether the person who has the turn will accomplish what’s on a card ot not. You bet fake money and at the end of the game, the person with the most money wins. Being my first time playing, I started out thinking “How on earth am I gonna get, like, 5k?”. Though when gaining money through the game, I realized how it was possible, and ended up on second place with 22530 in money. My stepfather won, with an amount of over 25000 in money. Man, that’s good tactic!

I was tired, but couldn’t sleep for a while, so I wrote a parody-lyrics. Will se what I’ll do with it!

Today’s meme:



Today’s video (incredible video on how to make your own compost):


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