Holiday Diary 28th December

Started the day with a workout outdoors, which turned out to be a wet affair! I started with just the wind; but after a short time, the rain also came. I was wet right to the skin. Literally. At least it wasn’t awfully cold. I have no intention of getting the cold now. Which I basically never have.

Travelled to mum with a bus at midday, and read on in “Generation Green” (and half-slept, having a half-dream about a cup of tea being thrown at me. Wut?), at the evening I totally finished it, and review will be on very soon folks!

I aslo did an afternoon stroll outside and a 45-min yoga exercise. 

Worked on doings for the “Green Box” that I have made at home, and are going to use through 2014 to become even greener with the new knowledge I’ve gained in “Generation Green”! Concept is, that I have made a homemade cardboard box, and I will fill small paper bits with daily doings on them, into the box. I will then pick a random each day of 2014, and accomplish the doing. This project is a part of my new-year-promise of becoming greener. I’ll be glad (earth also) if you adopt this idea! 

Today’s meme:



Today’s video(something relaxing to listen to whilst working):

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