Holiday Diary 27th December

Tested green shopping today, result in last post.

I’ll travel to my mum with the regional bus  tomorrow (parents are divorced), and will bring my computer so don’t worry folks, good updates will come everywhere. Review on “Generation Green” will come by start of next week, follow up!

Inbetween the powerful rain showers,me and dad managed to go for a 45-min hike without getting soaked (or wet at all really, which I would never have thought). Before that, we took the groceries, and I found out that organic milk actually is cheaper than “regular” milk! We’ll test it out now, and are positive on keeping it up! I see the grocery shop with my ” Green lenses” now, and it’s easier than expected! Try it out!

The new yoga mat that I invested in today, and had thought long of, is really good and helps me get my yoga even better! 🙂

Today’s meme:



Today’s video( all the feels):

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