Holiday Diary 25th December

Starting my day with breakfast and a  strenght workout, I has a very nice day today! Went to church at midday, and went to a Christmas party at my Grandma’s in the afternoon.

Before going home from Grandma, me and dad went for a walk and visited the grave of my stepfather, who died three years ago. Many people had lit candles on this 1st Christmas Day, and I did that as well. I think it is a good tradition to visit the churchyard on Christmas Day.

I finished a “make yourself” calendar in the evening, cutting in papers and magazines, and drawing and pasting! I think it looks very nice now.

Something that kind of bugs me and my pescotarian self, is that non-vegetarians sometimes say to me: “But can’t you have meat once in a while?” That’s so idiotic, I mean, because that’s not what being a veggie/pesco mean. If you are to eat meat once in a while, that has also got a name: Flescotarian, I’ve read in a paper a while ago. As a pescotarian, I know that I’m neither a complete veggie, nor a meat-eater. My point is that I find it dumb that lots of people can’t identify different types of vegetarians! We’re not aliens, like, lol.

Today’s meme:



Today’s video (very good documentary):


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