Holiday Diary 23rd December + An Extra!

Today, I’ve done work with Accom earlier, and I am now starting another two-hour working block. I’m glad to do it, really!

The sun shone today, and I was outside enjoying it during first a walk, and then a 75 min jogging workout later. What is good about having holiday and deciding yourself when at the day to work, is that you can enjoy sun and daylight outside on the days that that is possible. And if you look at the weather forecasts for Western Norway, well, it’s not all to cheer about all the time. Christmas eve, the forecast says storm. Luckily not snow. I don’t like the cold, wet white flakes falling from the sky that much. I enjoy skiing from time to time, but dislike snow, like, home.

And, oh, did I mention that Norway is now in the darkest of the year, sun rising at 9:30 AM and setting at 15:30? That means, I gotta get out when I can!

Taste in sports is a weird thing. Many people find long runs, biking and hiking ‘boring’, but I love it, because I brainstorm so much. Especially whilst hiking, when out for a long time, I need to bring a small notebook to catch all my thought and write them down. When it comes to running, I mostly remember it afterwards. Though I’m not that person who get a real competitive feeling when playing stuff as football, handball or floorball. What I think about when playing such things, is what’s the clock, just got to get an OK grade and to not get a ball in my face.

So now that I’m enjoying a relaxing cup of Lipton Green Tea Intense Mint (I totally recommend it to you as well) after a nice dinner of fish dish Bacalao, salad and potato mash ( leftovers from Christmas party yesterday ^^), I’ll share today’s brainstorm with you, which I ‘worked’ on whilst running around a lake as part of my running workout earlier, thought is that if you want to know Accom better, you need to know me a bit as well, also the random stuff that’s, well, random:

Random Stuff You Didn’t Know About Me 1:

– What I love most in the world (top three) is massage, vanilla and mountain hiking

– I have a celebrity crush on Josh Hutcherson (except his motorbikes)

– I use Asics running shoes, and swim in a Speedo swinsuit

– I love black coffee and cappucinos, but dislike moccas

– I speak English, Norwegian and German

– I have a dream about moving to Munich, which is not an impossible dream at all. I love that city!

– I like Apple. Both the technology company and the fruit

– I like producing creative and homemade things such as cards, calendars and drawings

New ‘Today’s’ starting today!: Today’s meme (all made by me)



(Dedicated to my loved iPhone which I’d be lost without)

Today’s video:

Good examples for running workouts, so that you could vary what you do:



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