Holiday Diary 22nd December

So today we had this big Christmas party at our place, and it was a sucess.

It was Sunday, but no regular church at 11AM, because it was this sing along thing at 4:30 PM. I’d love to go, but the party started at 4 PM, and I rather joined that. Though I’m going to church on Christmas eve and probably the 1st Christmas day or something.

Weather was non-reliable, switching between blue skies, clouded, rain showers and hail. Though I’m glad it’s not all snowy here in Norway! I’m not that winter type.

We also had a fun time playing this mimic/drawing game in the evening.

Didn’t do like work today, but I’ll work tomorrow, so probably you’ll see more of me then!

Today’s video (it’s not mine, but we made such at our party.):

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