Holiday Diary 21st December

Today has been THE day for Christmas shopping and cooking for my family. Countless trips to the Grocery store, last Christmas Presents and so on has been taken care of today. I’m not found of this lot of driving, but I do see that when cooking all kinds of stuff this one day, something is missing from time to time, as for today’s examples flour, apple softdrinks and salad.

Me and dad went on a multi-drive at mid day, me at climbing training and dad to do “Secret shopping” and take a walk. I am always encouraging to exercise! Thus, we did do a multi-drive.

I am in exstacy over the amazing new coffee maschine installed in our kitchen, and haven’t tasted so good homemade coffee before. And it’s totally fancy looking as well!

Yesterday I “Christmas Cleaned” my room, and what an amazing feeling to be in a room where everything has a logical place! I did the cleaning for hours yesterday; and I find it very fun, actually.

The best article I read today, and problably for the whole month or so, was an article from Norwegian animal right’s organization NOAH. It encourages people to celebrate an animal friendly Christmas. Except for them saying that you should not use wool, I agree with them totally. I’ll leave the link here (it’s in Norwegian):

To sum it up in English:

– eat vegetarian dishes

-Receipes for all kinds of Christmas food

-give the animals a gift instead of give an animal as a gift

-buy presents from sources with no animal cruelty

And here, from international organization PETA, more about “Christmas”:

Today’s video clip is the best movie scene I know:

Don’t forget to compete in Accom’s Christmas Competition! 😀


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