2nd Last and Book Already Started

We’re really closing in for the grand finale in Sustainable Christmas Presents; though todsy’s gift was from the start on going to be the grand finale, so now I’ll have to come up with another great idea untill Sunday, so look forward! I’m really gonna take a good one at 1st December (and maybe a contest? You have to follow up, and it will come to you…).

Today I’ve started writing the upcoming book, and after that I’ll update the website, iaccom.org, with what’s new and what’s too old to be written there.

I’m looking forward to christmas with all the Sustainable Christmas Presents and my followers!


Organization membership is today’s big deal (it is a big deal since it was going to be the grand finale. Now you’ll soon get a mega deal!), and contains so many organizaions that I do not know as well as the organizations that I already support. But I’ll first tell about the gift itself, and then give you ideas to start with.

Organizations need money to have campaigns, people and in all doing a great and very important job. Many organizations earn money on members, as well as e.g direct money gifts, sale and sponsors. The fares of becoming a member in a vary of organizations tend not to be so awfully high in itself, though it should inspire to give other seperate money gifts or volutary gifts.

Buying such a membership in an organization that you support, is a superb gift to both friends and yourself. Because giving yourself an organization membership is really not ego. It’s social really, because you help other people by participating in an organization’s work. So either if you are looking for a receiver gift or a “me-gift”, this is gonna work!

Perfect way to start the new year? Member in an organization? Yes I do!

And remember to choose organization out from your receiver’s interest, or what you think he/she will like to participate in.

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